Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Home Page

Some say we're the largest non-organization of non-members in the world. We have no leaders, and no organization. To be honest, the Rainbow Family means different things to different people. I think it's safe to say we're into intentional community building, non-violence, and alternative lifestyles. We also believe that Peace and Love are a great thing, and there isn't enough of that in this world. Many of our traditions are based on Native American traditions, and we have a strong orientation to take care of the the Earth. We gather in the National Forests yearly to pray for peace on this planet.

Darkstar Crashes:

On May 3rd, 2013 a regular system upgrade made this machine unbootable. So much for a supposedly stable Ubuntu LTS release... I'm deep in the process of syncing up the new server with the backups, small issues could still happen till this is done.

Go here to continue onto the primary site at welcomehome.org.

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There are links to several rideboards also available on this page.

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