Re: Mailing List..if you like!
Fri, 01 Mar 1991 08:19:54 -0800 (PST)


I'm Bill Steele, a novoce with this system and Rainbow in general.. I have
a whopping one person circle here at Western Illinois University. Here,
people don't seem to care about much of anything. I have never been to a
Gathering yet, and I am excited and looking forward for my first opportunity
to meet all you people I've heard so much about..

I basically fell in love with you all through the AWF I received from Ben 2
years ago.. and the one I got at the Chicago Peace Fest last year. Those
two magazines got me through one of the hardest periods in my young life, and I
need to thank you all.. I can't describe what they still do for me..

I want to help out anyway I can, but if no one out here wants to care, I have
a problem as to what to do.. Probably get out of here, I dunno.. but since
that's not a possibility now, I'll just keep plugging away

Thank you all for everything, and see you in April/July/August...
Love you all..


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