Re: Mailing List..if you like!
08 Aug 1991 22:28:23 -0500 (EST)

HOWDY, this is SKY in Vancouver, conference hopping through web...
Glad to be here. No time to read more than 200 messages, but
will sign on again another time and indulge. I am a rainbow
gathering person, too, and once made a film about my incredible
adventures there. (This film, however, has never been seen by
anyone) (or heard, there was sound, too).
thanks petros for letting me know about this conf. For those
of you who haven't, please join me and others in HIROSHIMA
NAGASAKI LIVE, a conference on KAMOME in Hiroshima in
commemoration of UNIVERSAL PEACE WEEK, Aug 3 to 9th.

For information about how to sign on for free, please
consult the peacenet conference HIROSHIMA.LIVE

You can contact me on web at TEC (that's my friend peter's account),
or through internet in Japan at
or in Vancouver (until sept 9) at (that's a one
after the A, not an L), care of peter.

Bye for now... SKY/LYNN

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