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Fri, 10 Apr 1992 20:27:04 -0700 (PDT)

Message from Water Singing-on-the-Rocks regarding the fact that
there will be 2 Circles in July.

And also that there's a lot of frustration and anger hiding
the love in messages I keep receiving from the four directions.
Included in these messages were letters from Gary, Michael and
Heather who live at the address Zeus Cosmos used to send out his
version of the Rainbow philosophy and news. I apologize to
Michael and Heather in advance for quoting their letters in this
discussion without getting their permission first.

The letters were more than disclaimers, they were also
reactions to the anger I expressed towards Zeus and his messages.
Michael said that "the stuff that Zeus sent you is not
representative of the SD Gathering". He said that he was
saddened that I choose to not be part of the SD Gathering, he
suggests that I have let the Darkness make my choice for me and
points out, "there will be Light and Beauty in SD as there will
be in CO, your love and Beauty will be missed there". I take
"you" to refer to all of us who will circle in CO.

Heather's letter to me said in part "please realize brother,
that you have wished such Darkness on what you call the `anti-
Rainbow Gathering ', but your Rainbow brothers and sisters will
be gathered there...many of us were not at the Vision Council,
many of us cannot know what happened and must use our gut
feelings to decide which direction to go...we really must be more
gentle with one another... We all should intentionally gather as
one and begin to heal the unlove between us. Is this possible?
What power is there in our Family if we cannot heal
more than ever our Family needs to draw upon its great power of

First, Heather I must thank you for helping me see the Light
with understanding instead of fear, disgust and sorrow. I have
never wished Darkness. I made a mistake by referring to anti-
Rainbow anything.

My sorrow and disgust must certainly be directed towards
Zeus Cosmos' present state. After years of watching and waiting
for him to finally grow out of just walking naked through our
Gatherings wearing his sign that said, "I am God, you may worship
me if you wish"...and after many hours in the VT Vision Council
trying to reach through to him through understanding and
heartsong...I am still trying to reach Zeus Cosmos with love.
My fear is that many innocent others will be captured by the
misinformation spread by those who have themselves been captured
by the evil that is lurking within and taking over Zeus to try to
destroy the Rainbow, the Light.

Our Magic is strong, our Circle will withstand but the
innocents, clothed in the wondrous strength of their innocence
will be used and twisted and discarded and hurt by this evil.
THAT IS MY FEAR. I am learning to answer fear with love, not
confrontation I return Light to every Darkness...

I am told by many I love and trust that this is all part of
the Great Spirit's plans and that the separation of our Family is
somehow for good

and inside somewhere deep I pray this is true

but I am still fearful for those who do not yet know or
understand the spirits that can invade a body and soul and take
it over and use it to their own purpose. My heart sings prayers
of protection for all of my Family wherever they Gather. Let us
perceive the Darkness and chant Circles of Light to surround and

Of course all we can do is to keep our Circle open and
available in Love and Beauty and have faith that all our Family
will one day come Home.

I trust that there will be Light and Beauty at the SD
Gathering. I pray that the Rainbow Magic will provide all the
necessary systems to protect our Mother, our SD gatherers, our
relations with the Lakota People and the USFS foresters: But am
worried that naivete and inexperience will interfere.

I am saddened that our Circle is splitting apart in July.
This is because I have become attached - attached to being with
my whole Family in July, with smaller Circles at the regionals in
different months. I am saddened if Darkness is coming between
us. I have been gladdened for so long that our Light has kept
the Dark out for 20 plus years.

Know that all of one Circle will be missed by all the other

I feel my place is in CO with my Family: I will be in CO
because I respect the Council process and reject the manipulation
and because I spent time among the Lakotas at the Wambli Sundance
and spoke with several and heard/watched how some feel/relate to
"white people" and heard of their plans and aspirations and
dreams and visions for the next few years and learned how our
presence could interfere with all of that but mostly because my
place is with my Family in CO.

Let us all pray that the Vision Councils of both camps bring
us all together again in 93 in love and respect and trust unbent
and unbroken.

I pray that both Circles will grow and prosper and return to
One and make our Family stronger than ever because we don't have
too many years left to save our Mother and our freedom and our

I have spoken.
Aho metakuye oyacin.

Please don't stop reading here but read the following public
letter to Chris Stanley et al.

Water Singing On the Rocks


get my message)

Dear Chris Stanley, my loving brother
and all of the Peacegarden folk
and all travelers on the Rainbow Path

It takes two sides for confrontation and we have to look
into our hearts and know that we won't be confronting, we must
instead be praying.

The word to use is never "you" but always we. As the
Spanish use "tu" rather than "usted", we must remember to include
statements of our love within our expressions of sorrow, dismay,
disgust or anger. These emotions are positive emotions only
because of our love. Thank you Petros for helping me remember

Know that we love you
I love you
We love us
Especially we love us

all in the Circle
all in the Magic
all in the Light

Prayerfully our Circle will remain One
even in Two.

But know also that I too am worried by the consequences and
the actuality of a large Gathering in what I perceive to be the
wrong place at the wrong time. I am worried by the Di-Vision
Council, the manipulation we allowed, the idea of consensus by
attrition. I pray the Great Spirit will help us to provide all
the necessaries for both Rainbows to be peaceful, healthy,
loving, growing and prayerful. I pray that the two will remain

Aho metakuye oyacin.

Water Singing-on-the-Rocks

Please don't stop here but read the following public letter to
all focalizers.


We have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of facilitating
communication among our family so that our brothers and sisters
who are adults can make informed intelligent decisions. Of
course we must share our opinions and conclusions but we must
also allow our Family members to reach their own conclusions and
form their own opinions. Censorship is abhorrent to me.
Therefore I believe that out of respect for my brothers and
sisters who will be in SD and out of respect for my brothers and
sisters who are relying upon my abilities as a facilitator I must
pass on all the information that I receive regarding both
Circles. Needless to say I will include my own opinion and the
reasons for it and I will hope that my words will be received
with the same respect. While we may all hope that everyone would
share our opinions, based as they are upon fact and reality (of
course), do we have the right to not allow others to reach
totally different conclusions? Do we have the right to censor?

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