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Peter Fraterdeus (
Tue, 14 Apr 1992 20:30:21 -0700 (PDT)

Reply to: Response to Rainbow Hawk
Right on, Gonzo!
Thank You good brother for your clarity and wisdom!
We all could use more of your vision!

In talking with Don Joseph last night, and then with Wing, I am adjusting my
call for a re-conciliation council to the following:

Can both Councils consense to a Wyoming or Nebraska Vision Council after July
Perhaps this could be as early as the 14th of July, or as late as mid August,
or September.

Again, there will be some who will say that this grants too much respect to the
contraries, on either side of the question, but isn't our way simply to love
the problem to death?

In making this call, reasonable folks on both sides of the issue will be
channelling the energies of the July 1-7 circles into a progressive and loving
resolution of the question.

I hope there is no objection to this idea (though the details are wide open.)
It will become apparent where the obstinate and arrogant individuals
stand...they will insist that only their own council is legitimate, and that
there is no reason for them to re-concile. Thereafter, the whole world will see
them for who they are.

However, I do not mean that this idea is the only possible means of
reconciliation. Please let's come up with a consensus (as Focalizers) before
the gatherings, though, to take with us to all Circles this summer!

Play for Peace!
Mitakuye Oyasin! All my relations!


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