U. S. Forest Service Data General

Marcus L. Endicott (mendicott@igc.apc.org)
Wed, 29 Apr 1992 18:14:41 -0700 (PDT)

/* Written 5:20 pm Apr 26, 1992 by awhitworth in cdp:gateways */
/* ---------- "U. S. Forest Service Data General" ---------- */
Dear Friends:

Recently I have been experimenting a lot with sending mail to the Forest
Service Data General (DG). I am happy to say that most of the bugs are out
and am pleased to give you these directions on how to do it.

Please test this new link and report any trouble you may be having to me.

Enter at the To: prompt in (m)ail ...


... where "S.BEAR" is the recipients username on the DG, and "R06F99A" is
the recipients Forest and/or Region number.

For many Forest Service employees yours may be the first message they ever
received from a person outside of the USFS DG system. Your mail message
will be routed from EcoNet to the Merit Internet Gateway where it is
converted from the SMTP/RFC822 format to the X.400 format. From there to a
gateway at the USFS Washington DC office, and via FTS2000 to the
recipients Data General terminal.

Users on the Forest Service Data General can send mail to you by using
the syntax ....


... where "yourusername" is the name of your account.

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