Re: hi all! (vision coun.)
02 Aug 1992 12:16:36

> Please tell all on the net ther results of vision council. The word
> had not been passed as to where we are heading for next year.
the word as I understand it and this has been confermed by Tallahase Steve
is that we are gathering in the South East (south of the Mason dixion lone and East
of the Missippi. and that the state will be desided later though I get the sence that
Ky. and Tn. fairly high on the list though I am not sure they are ready for that

> I really appreaciate hearing that clean-up is going well. When I left on the 8th, things were really a mesws. The rain had caused many to leave
> without taking care of their shit.
this is very true we carried a lot of stuff of peoples out and a large number of
people got very good ground scores.
When we left about 9 days ago this looked good also some of us heard that their
was a thing on the radio that said after we where all done the forest service
could not even find a cigeret butt on the sight.
I also had a request for any other info form the site. So I will send along a
few things. First off several of the kitchen Everybodies (of which I am a part
(if anyone has an trafic for anyone in the kitcen send it to me and I will pass
it along), Inn Desiosion (later know at Ganwana Land Tortea Factory) and a few
other that I have ran into here (Boulder) and on site are going to travel around
feeding people. Server of the peoplr from Welcome home are going to do the main
kitchen in Shawnee. Also a lot of stuff was collected for big mountain and some
of it was being taken by Inn Desicsion (who is headed their to feed) the rest
will helpfuly be taken either by other people or by a group I ran into here.
Well that is about it. Every Bodies is planing on leaveing torrow for
Toas and Talpa I will check in once befor we leave

> Love to all
> Donny

Love You!


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