Re: hi all! (vision coun.) & SD con
04 Aug 1992 14:14:51

About KY & TN: I did much early map work for the '87 Rainbow Gathering, which
was slated for the Southern Appalachians & landed in Western NC. Due to steep
terrain (spaghetti-like topo maps) & rapid growth of trees over meadows (due
to a subtropical ecosystem), sites are scarce, especially in TN. Scouts
(Frenchy & Red Feather) confirmed this at the '87 Spring Council.

I recommend scouting first in KY. I remember potential sites on Forest Service
lands. There are alternative federal lands (TN Valley Auth., Army Corps of
Eng., Nat. Park Service, National Rec. Areas) to scout as well. I haven't
looked at topo maps, but I find Land Between the Lakes & 79 square mile
Mammoth Cave National Park's above ground portion interesting. Furthermore,
KY has hosted regionals, borders Great Lakes Rainbow's region, is removed
from Southern Region headquarters (historically most unfriendly) & is
bordered on the east, north & west by the Forest Service's hospitable Eastern
Region. Both KY & TN are in the Southern Region.

Other matters: Any word about an Allegheny Gathering this year? Any word about
where next year's European Rainbow Gathering is? Also, someone let me know if
this posting succeeds.

Love & Light,

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