Anarchy vs. Self-Direction?

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Fri, 07 Aug 1992 02:34:54 -0700 (PDT)

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Anarchy vs. Self-Direction?
You write:
What is the Pot o' Gold?
Read up on mathematical chaos and you will learn of natural, functional
structure, spontaneous order, and self-assembling systems. Anarchists *do*
believe in structure and voluntary cooperation--they just appose coercion.<<

Thanks for your Note...

Pot O' Gold is a midwest regional newsletter...

RE Chaos: I'm very tuned into chaos, mathematical and otherwise! Just attended
a few panels at the SigGraph computer graphics conference last week in Chicago.

If anarchists don't mind structure, what do you call folks that do?

My point is that all the resistance to order tends to create alot of wasted
energy. Not so much in the context of the Gathering, but in personal growth. A
chaotic lifestyle would seem to ignore the benefits of balance and contrast.

I should say that my observations are in the context of having been a focalizer
in Chicago for the last four years or so. I see alot of free-thinkers who think
that by "dropping out" they are doing something to help the planet. By
attempting to ignore the society and the larger community in which they live, I
believe they are in fact hindering the healing process, rather than helping it.
Not so much that the key is in the political process, but that the
self-knowledge that comes from an interaction with one's surroundings, and the
self-analysis of a thinking and deliberate mind, enables the individual to
become a more effective servant of the global need.

Voting is a postive step toward global enlightenment! We need to lend our
weight to the trends moving in the direction that we seek to move the society.
That it isn't everything we'd like doesn't make the Democratic ticket (for
instance) worthless to our aims and ideals. I reject rejectionism, for the most
part. It panders to the very ones who stand to gain the most by our dropping

The puritan Right has made it a high priority to disenfranchise the young and
vigorous from the political process. This is, I think, one reason they are so
dead-set against the legalisation of cannibis and other natural substances. And
why they are against easy registration for new voters. And why they applaud
secretly when the "Disgusted Citizens" stay away from the polls on Election

Anarchy is a great thing for a community that loves each other. But without
that, I wonder if it can truly exist, or if it's just another name for ego

Play for Peace!


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