Re: Hi Elm!
02 Sep 1992 11:14:38

I finally made it back to a computer after a month travelling, and it is
a stoneage "VT220" that only does email. The college lost,
apparently, 250,000 dollars in theft of computers and other goodies
this Summer. This is gonna be a hard semester, with Intermediate Russian,
Reconstruction and 18th c. literature, Civilazation in Question (reading
ancient texts) (oops- civilization), and Harmony, a music theory type thing,
the last being the most fun. I'm also gonna do violin and orchestra again,
and should probably scrap ideas about an a capella choir. I am a little
goddess, not a major deity. Not yet. I am trying to catch up on
peacenet readings, and just got to a note where you talked about people
who drop out to better the society not voting. I have a friend in the
SCA whose SCA name is Satir the Chaotic, and he doesn't believe in voting.
I saw a bit of sidewalk grafitti in San Fran this Summer: "Voting is like
switching seats on the Titanic," and I wonder... Voting might not
change anything, but it might. I'm thinking of printing out your note and
mailing it to him. Anyway, take care and keep up the wonderful work.
Always at the beginning,

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