FIDO or Free?

Peter Fraterdeus (
Tue, 25 Aug 1992 12:11:19 -0700 (PDT)

FIDO or Free? 8/25/92 1:21 PM
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Attn: Online Focalizers, et al.

Hi anybody, got yur ears on?

What do you (oh great ones) know about public access to usenet?
I'm trying to get some info together for the next Pot o' Gold/Focalizers
Newsletter (to go out before I leave for Europe on the Equinox).

I know that anybody with a University account can get through to the usenet
conferences, but they may have to request that their SysAdmin add
>alt.gathering.rainbow< to the list of alt.confs carried by their system. If
enough people request it, it will be that much easier for everybody else!

The Peacenet conference >awf.rainbownews< should be phased out before too long,
once we get a definite fix on the alt. group (that we can be sure it stays
around...) >alt.gathering*< is also available on PeaceNet, which carries ALL of
the alt groups, even alt.swedishchef.bork.bork.bork and alt.whatsamattau (well
maybe not that one../:-)

Also I'm not quite clear on the services that FIDOnet offers, nor the "PC
Connection" things. Any Info would be greatly appreciated!

There is an excellent book called "Econetting" or something very similar, which
I donated to the Focalizers Council. Everybody there looked at it, but only one
person was interested enough to borrow it. I believe that was Marc from Santa
Cruz. When he's done with it, I'll ask him to send it to whoever would like to
borrow it next!

Please reply via email! Send a note (to me if not also to the conference) even
if you don't know anything. I'd like to know who's still listening!



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