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07 Dec 1992 10:40:46

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> How does one get access to peacenet? Is is possible to link this
>group with the peacenet group?

I don't know about linking, but here's how to get an account on
peacenet: (from the Peacenet on-line flyer, it's way too big to post)


-- or --


from your Internet account. If this doesn't work, contact a
technical expert at your campus to get assistance. Note that if
your personal computer is connected directly to an ethernet and
you don't log in directly to a campus computer, then you might
need to run a command on your personal computer that's called
something different than 'telnet'. Because there are dozens of
different ways that campus systems connect to the Internet, we
cannot anticipate all of them.

If you don't already have an account on IGC, and you would like to
signup for an account and pay for it with a credit card, then you
should type 'new' at the login: prompt, and type RETURN or ENTER
at the Password: prompt. If you don't use credits cards, please
call us at 1-415-442-0220 between 9am and 5pm, Pacific Time to
arrange payment for a new account.

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