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09 Dec 1992 11:58:47

In article li9hn0INN3tr@exodus.Eng.Sun.COM, williamt@athena.Eng.Sun.COM (Dances with Drums) writes:
> So the only way to get access to peacenet is to pay for an account
>on What is igc?

Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is the North American affiliate of the
Association for Progressive Communications. It is a project of the Tides
Foundation, which created Pacifica Radio in 1948.

IGC's system is known to its users as Peacenet, Econet, Glastnet, Conflictnet,
Nativenet, etc depending on how they signed up.

I met one of their technical staff a couple of months ago at the Eco Expo
trade show in San Francisco. He was real excited about what they are doing,
probably the most constructive use of computers and WAN technology around.
IGC's network is intentionally isolated from Internet and Usenet to keep the
noise level down.

Jym Dyer ( ??) and Tom Gray ( ??)
regularly forward interesting stuff from various Econet channels into Usenet.
Jym does a lot of the Greenpeace press releases. If you're interested, look
in,, and talk.environment,
where you will also find bulletins from folks like Rainforest Action Network
posted by yours truly ( If you want the bulletins but
don't have time for the newsgroups, mail me and I'll put you on my "alerts"

Be Green to each other, and party on,

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