Re: Wall Street Journal: Rainbow Famil
31 Dec 1992 10:51:56

In article, (Marcus L. Endicott) writes:
>>Reproduced without permission from the Wall Street
>Journal, December 30, 1992.
>By W. Hampton Sides
>"Among Tupperfriends and Rainbow Family"
>By Joe Queenan
>...he spent time with [... Pentecostals ... fishermen
>... dog-sled racers ...and], a secret male society that
>gathers each year in the woods north of San Francisco so
>that people like Henry Kissinger and Merv Griffin and
>Walter Cronkite can pretend to be elves, druids or

Rainbows and others who care about where the world is
going may want to know that the "secret male society"
(the only group the WSJ chose not to identify) is none
other than The Bohemian Club. This club is as close as
you can get to an institution embodying the power elite
of the United States. They are the people who decide how
the US will be run and who will get to run it.
The WSJ misleads by implying that it does no serious
business. Books have been written about the Club, and I'll
post a review if there's interest. The subculture known as
the power elite is a major field of study within the science
of sociology. One interesting work is _Who's Running
America?_ by Thomas Dye. They are the antithesis of the
Rainbow Family, but we could learn something about networking
from them. I think we should be aware of them, anyhow.

a Green in San Jose, the "Capital of Silicon Valley"

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