Russian Rainbow Gathering in June

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Russian Rainbow Gathering

This is an event to be held near St.Petersburg in June
14th-27th 1992,a Rainbow Gathering to pave the way for a possible
world-wide one in the future if successful.
If you want invitations for a visa,please provide:
1 - Full name
2 - Date and place of birth
3 - Citizenship
4 - Passport number
5 - Permanent address
6 - Occupation and work address

by March at the latest if possible,because of likely delays.
Please send these details to:

Nick Vinogradov
Akademician Baikov St. 11-3-137
195427 St.Petersburg
Tel.: 812-5561741
Fax: 812-1135896

If you can fax,please send details with your fax number if
you have one;also you can ring in case of any problem

Due to high expenses,donations would be welcome to:

Lloyds Bank,3,High Street
Sort code 30-93-47
Acc. name: Vladislav Kirbiatev
Acc. n.: 7045545

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