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Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 09 Feb 1992 15:50:49 -0800 (PST)

CALM News Flash
Well now Thanksgiving Council has happened, the Family has decided, and the
preparations are ongoing and politics can be put aside--so back to the
important stuff:

If you have chronic headaches often taking (or having given up on) various
over-the-counter and prescription drugs for the problem - COME SEE US - we'll
show you how to alleviate your headaches with finger pressure and/or give you
an adjustment to correct the spinal/nerve causes and/or suggest herbal
tinctures/teas to safely replace the synthetics (more cheaply too) and/or refer
you to homeopathic remedies that can help your Vital Force decide to never have
chronic-type headaches again and/or perform accupuncture to begin (restart or
redirect) the Chi energy and/or get a stress-relieving massage and/or ...
If you want to learn about any of these or if you need any of these or if
you know how to do any and want to share ... please COME TO CALM - that's why
we're here.

To please help - please sponsor/organize a benefit for CALM this winter/spring
and send 2/3 to

Stuart Watts/CALM
1161 Maez St.
Santa Fe, NM 87502
(the CALM bank account)

for the water system (purification and storage of up to 20,000 gallons a day
to get us off bleach and away from buying water to truck in!) and send 1/3 to
CALM/Water Singing-on-the-Rocks, Middle of the Rainbow, Route 3, Tompkinsville,
KY 42167 to help with the CALM Bus expenses such as our new oxygen system and
propane system (and hopefully solar system) that'll arrive at early Seed Camp
and stay through most of Clean-up and also goes to several Regionals (and a
SunDance or two) every year. The money will also help maintain/repair the bus,
buy gas for the trip (at 6 mpg because of the weight - we are trying to do
better on the gas mileage hence the switch from automatic to standard
transmission last year and some of the upgrades planned for this year), and the
money will go for things such as the 2 stretchers we need to replace cuz they
were wasted at either Vermont or the Wabash Regional, the herbs and alcohol and
bottles used to create, so far, 40 quarts of our most used tinctures (much
stronger and cheaper than commercially available), such as the first aid
supplies like gauze, bandaids, peroxide, first aid tape, etc. we'll need for
Seed Camp and on ... such as the mini-water filter/pump unit that needs
replacing since the old one was broken at the Florida Regional, such as the
Electric shock machine that quickly and easily deals with spider/snake bites
... etc.


For respiratory problems, lung and sinus problems I create a combination of
mullein, coltsfoot, comfrey, ephedra, sage and eucalyptus plus a dash of
goldenseal - these can be tinctured to use a few drops in a cup of water or
under the tongue, or done in tea form plus should also be done in a mini-steam
chamber around head, face, neck and chest. for sore throats I tincture Wild
Cherry, Slippery Elm and Horehound - a few drops will disappear most sore
throats especially if caught when symptoms first appear. I make an oil with
olive oil, almond oil, garlic, goldenseal, and mullein that I then strain VERY
CAREFULLY - a few drops of this does amazing things to earaches with no side
effects. A cheaper, easier to make and often effective remedy for earaches
(with no side effects) can be created by mixing half white vinegar and half
rubbing alcohol and dropping a few drops into the ear. Make sure either drop
is room temperature cuz cold or hot could hurt. Don't forget that even if the
problem is only with one ear you must treat both ears, one at a time, or the
infection will surely spread across.
If you'd like to learn how to create tinctures, how to homeopathically
potentize and dilute herbal tinctures to change and dramatically increase their
efficacy, how to use these medicines to help yourselves and your family, COME
If you can bring any supplies to help us, please please DO SO. We need all
the help we can get.

WE LOVE YOU ALL ... see you in New Jerusalem, 1992.

aho metakuye ayacin

Water, Singing-on-the-Rocks

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