Translator/translation for Europa G
25 Jan 1992 22:09:00

I'm posting this for a local focalizer, John Shining Tree, who
got very psyched when he saw the recent European guide, written in

He would very much like to find/distribute an english version, or
at least a translation of some of it.

How 'bout it, folks? Especially you folks in Europe, I'm sure
somebody's already doing it, though maybe into french or polish
instead of english...

Please leave a message for John at (202)797-3625, or write him at
MARO, PO Box 75263, Washington, DC, 20013. Email to me may get to
him, though I hope to avoid it. Thanks!

I am no longer a contact for legaliaison, mid-atlantic, or anything else.
Try Thomas from Peace Park @ (202)462-0757, or POB 5604, Takoma Park, MD,
20913, or Allan's Rainbow Hotline @ (202)797-3625, or the Colorado Tribe.
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