Re: Mailing List..if you like!
Wed, 08 Jul 1992 21:20:38 -0700 (PDT)

Just went to my first gathering (Colorado 92) and am still a bit blown
away by it all. In so many ways, this seems like "my people", tho at times
I am a bit detached when I see some substance dependency in action. I am
still trying to grasp how this integrates into my life. Will I be going again?
Will I become active in local councils? Tune in next time for the exciting
answer.... <grin>
See mini-report in response to message 200 (at this time).

One interesting phenomenon is that I've tended to feel that neopagans were
my tribe; I (and some pagan friends there) are now seeing it more like the
pagan clan within the Rainbow tribe.
Bright blessings / Zhahai

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