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Barry Clements ((no email))
Thu, 09 Jul 1992 05:31:17 -0700 (PDT)

The feeling received on this end, of the 1-7 activites is mixed. Very
positive trading circles, Krishna Camp, Freeway Kitchen, Peace Camp,
Womango Kitchen, Everybody's Kitchen. Somewhat disappointed in Tea Time
(not enough Tea, really long lines most of the time...), Kid Village
(too darn far away), the overall layout stretched a couple of miles which
I fell is way to large. We need to be in a circle, not in a great big
long line. Great Peace Pole Ceremony and Variety show as usual. Fantuzi
entertained with stories from the Brazil Eco Conference and tales of
his near death from a rattlesnake bite. Many Weddings (Bam-Bam &
Christine). Two dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in Bus Village
on the 6th. One sister was raped on the morning of the 4th. A massive
hunt didn't get going until a day later, although Shanti Sana was
mustering it's best effort with dozens of rainbow & walki-talki's. She
is ok. The State Police stopped over 2000 cars, handed out over 200
tickets, arrested 16 for alcohol violations and 8 minor drug arrests.
Garrick Beck, Barry Adams, Medicine Story, Michael John & other long shows
were there. Natives from Big Mountain arrived with ceremonial drum.
Lots of garbage. Windsong created a cable swing ride for 3 "kids" at
a time. Quite the rage for 2 hours until the main beam broke. I
was one of the fortunate few who happend by. Full speed till a stopper
about 13 feet from the tree. Yikes. Lots of mosquitoes. Sort of a
July 4th hummer with thousands (Forest Service estimates 20,000) in
giant quiet outer circle and high energy inside circle. Great water.
Lots and Lots of dust punishing the eyes from the trampled down
marshy areas that turned to dust. Awesome drum circle and chanting
at Aloha camp the evening of the 5th. Know your innter Elvis, Herb
Walks, Sisters Speak/Brothers Listen...I'm going back to help with the
cleanup...will keep you posted on post-gathering activities.

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