Michigan August Regional

Stephen R. Johgart (sjohgart@igc.apc.org)
Sun, 26 Jul 1992 14:26:43 -0700 (PDT)

OK--hereUs the deal. At the Arb yesterday there were a lot of folks who
wandered out to enjoy the day. At one point, about 8 of us formed a circle
to discuss the upcoming Michigan regional. Somehow that circle sent out a
vortex of energy: a few at a time, folks got up from where they were
sitting, came from the woods where they had been standing, came across the
field and joined in the circle. Eventually we had a wonderful circle of 30 -
40 sisters and brothers together. Our council was brief and totally
together, one of the best councils IUve ever been a part of. A strong
consensus was reached to hold the regional the week ending with the full
moon, which is the week of August 12 - 16 (this is a change from the
previously announced dates) near Hesperia, Michigan, in Manistee National
The directions are as follows:

*Go to Hesperia (about 60 miles northwest of Grand Rapids)
*From Hesperia, go south 1 mile on M-120--look for signs for Pines Point.
*Turn west on Garfield Road, go 5 miles.
*Turn left on 168th Ave.--1/4 mile after the road curves, turn right on the
sand road.
*Go about 3 miles. Welcome home!!!
Note: this site is about 1/2 mile from last yearUs site; weUre camping away
from the river, which is quite heavily used in the summer (the river is
still easily accessible, though).

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