July 4th, and the Philadelphia Inqu

04 Jul 1992 08:24:03

Happy day, happy day. I feel as if I'm there with all of you in
Colorado. Well, I am, in spirit if not in body.

Anyway, sitting at home, paging thru the paper, all of a sudden I see the
head line "20,000 'hippies' get under a town's skin". Of course! THe
rainbow had to make the paper! :-) The artical is fairly good, showing
at least some of the rainbow's "side".

Of course there are lots of people's names (Free, Firestarter, Forest
Moon [Hiya kiddo! How's life? :-)] Badger, etc), and two pictures. One
is of three guys, one with a small child on his shoulders. There is a
bus and some tents in the background. The 2nd picture is of Cosmo
Charley with a very kind drum. Opps, three pictures. The last one is of
a store front, with 4 signs saying things like "No Back packs - bed
rolls, etc... inside", and another I can only half read "All Rainbow
follower's must..." (Can't read the rest)

All in all, it's a good artical. Not that bad, but of course, not that
great. BTW, it was writen by Florence Williams (LA Times) and the
pictures are by Kent Meirneis (Denver Post).

Love and Light,

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