Annther ZEUS Consensus

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 19 Jul 1992 19:52:14 -0700 (PDT)

Annther ZEUS Consensus
According to a letter just received from the South Dakota camp, 6 people and a
cat have reached consensus on a gathering site for next year's "Zeus Camp". We
received a message in Colorado that the overwhelming consensus of the South
Dakota particpants was to acknowledge and accept the decision of the Family
Vision Council from Overland Reservoir in Colorado about next year's site.

It is my personal opinion that the Zues council is free to make whatever
decision they like, but pass the word early and often--DO NOT BE DECEIVED by
this divisive and off center nonsense.

Any body that wants to know more aboput this can write to me, and I'll send
some details.

My sources report that less than 500 people were at the SD gathering, and that
the Forest Service prevented any congregations of more than 20 people.

Some folks were given citations for building fires.

Anyway, this is the first and last that you'll hear from me about this!

The Colorado gathering was incredibly mellow. Perhasp the lack od Zeus and his
crazed vibration helped to keep all the other wacky energy from overflowing.
There was no A-Camp to speak of--all the seekers there found family within the
gathering to take them in....
The site was incredibly beautiful, snow-capped peaks towering over the tipi
meadow. Spring fed water was close-by (remember to boil, though!!!)
And the great circle on the fourth was full and powerful in Spirit. Everybody's
Kitchen produced over 300 gallons of food a day some days, and our little
Hootin' Holler (Cosmic Chicago Kitchen) provided a way station for the weray
traveler, though our dinners were only about two-dozen folks....

A great Focalizer's council, again aspiring to bring our efforts into
synergistic harmony as our hearts are already! I will be facilitating the
Focalizer's Quarterly for the next year, having received nothing but positive
feedback on the effort of the last year!
(Thanks to all of you!)

With Light and Love!
Shanti OM Mitakuye Oyasin!!!!


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