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24 Jul 1992 03:26:01

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>No way! no radio station! Lets keep babylon out of rainbow, and keep the
>jam boxes home! Next thing you know, there will be tv, then cable, and then
>who knows. The way to spread info about weather and lost kids, etc is the
>same way we have been doing it for a long time. By word of mouth! Lets learn
>to communicate with each other as opposed depending on mass media such as
>radio and television!
>-Jeffrey aka sprite

I am the guy who responded to the previous poster about his thoughts
on starting a radio station at a gathering. If you saw my post then
you realize that I, too, felt the idea, while creative, was mis-placed
at the gathering.

I have been involved with my local rainbow circle for many years. I
hyave attended many regional gatherings and a few national ones. I
have also attended many non-rainbow, alternative culture activities
too. I only say this to establish myself as someone who has seen a
bit, and not someone just spouting off at the mouth.

The attitude expressed in the above quoted text, while sincere and
honest, troubles me a bit. Not specifically what the poster said
about the radio thing, that is agreed upon as being inappropriate.

What troubles me is a pervasive attitude among many in the rainbow
circle of conciousness which sets delimiting boundries between _US_
(the family) and _THEM_ (Babylon, the outside world etc). The rainbow
vision has always been, to my understanding, one of global peace and
oneness. Yet there are so many with a seperatist attitude and even an
elitist attitude that somehow those involved in Rainbow, are superior
to those who live and survive in "babylon".

If we, as the promoters of a global, universal love and harmony are
going to draw lines between our chosen lifestyle and the lifestyles of
others on the planet, and feel 'special' and exhaulted, I am afraid
that this dream is but an illusion.

The posters assertion of ... soon ther will be tv's and ... is sad,
because unless we realize that we are at one with those who watch TV,
and do other things in 'babylon' then we are nothing but seperatist
snobs, plying our own personal egos on the rest of the world.

As for the gathering being non-technical, that is only part true.
Everyone gets there in some sort of vehicle, there are nylon tents,
flashlights and other technologies there. So it is only a matter of
where you choose to draw the line. I respect the poster for drawing
his line where he does, but I am frightened by what I perveive as a
beginning of a 'rainbow elite'. We are nor better than 'Joe Sixpack',
perhaps just a tad more aware at times.

I don't want to see boom boxes at the gathering either. But the
previous poster was trying to offer a solution, an idea. I salute him
for that. We must not be so rigid in our definitions of what is
rainbow and what is babylon. How about these computers? Are they
babylon or rainbow?

Let's face it, the world is not going to shut off it's tv's and go
live in a teepee. If we are going to have any impact on this planet,
it will have to be in _co-operation_ with babylon, not in smug
indignation and seperatism. Only then will rainbow become more than a
dream, only then will it make a difference.


William Pfeiffer
Moderator -

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