Ride to Colorado needed

Wed, 03 Jun 1992 06:47:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi! This is Denise in Evanston, IL (near Chicago). I'm trying to
find a way out to the Gathering in Colorado. With airfares so
cheap, I could fly out most of the way if I had someone to meet up
with who could give me a ride, but I have to know by June 5 to get
the cheap fares and I don't really feel comfortable with the idea
of trying to hitch a ride to the site from the airport. So--is
there anyone out there closer to Colorado than I am right now who
could give me a ride if I flew out to meet them? I can leave
Chicago anytime after the late evening on June 26 and have to be
back by the night of July 12. I'd also be interested in hearing
from anyone who could give me a ride from Chicago. Does anyone
know how close I could get to the Gathering if I went by Greyhound
or Amtrak? Is there anyone I can meet up with if I did that? I
can't drive unfortunately, but I can pay for gas/expenses/whatever.
This will be my first Gathering and I am eagerly anticipating it,
but haven't been able to find a ride yet. :-( If you can help me
out or know someone I can contact who might be able to, please get
in touch with me. Suggestions on ways to finde a ride are welcome
too. Thanks!

Peace and love,

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