Re: =={ questions }==
09 Jun 1992 13:12:40

Some other suggestions for kitchen contributions are:
bulk- cooking oil, spices, miso, oats, sea vegitables,
fruit (esp. citrus for kiddie village (peels used too)),

On the smaller side, things like a heavy duty scrub pad (onion bags only go
so far), an insulated grabber like an oven mit (even a jeans leg left over from
making cut-offs works, especially if you sew a few stitches to make it into a
pad), five-gallon food buckets (check with your local fastfoodrestaurant for
bulk pickle,... buckets), long handled serving/cooking spoons, shovels/picks
(gotta have something to dig all those shitters with), axes, saws, BIG pots,
big sheets of plastic for tarps, herbal/medical supplies for CALM, hugs,
a pair of helping hands,...

Look around and see what's in your cabinets that you've forgotten you even had.
If it doesn't need plugging in and your willing to pack it in then it will
probably be put to good use (maybe not doing what you got it for, but.)

see ya back home,

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