info requested
12 Jun 1992 21:43:52

This is an open invitation for anyone or any group who may be interested.
A friend of mine and me are interested in collecting and distributing information.
We will be distrubing this information at the 21th annual
Rainbow family national Gathering in Colorado this summer which should
draw 20,000+
people. If you belong to a group that has information that we might be interested in. Or a mailing list or anything of the sort and would like for people to
see your info or whatever it is (ie upcoming national events) please mail it to:
1 Smith St
Charleston, SC 29401

topics that interest us include but are not limited to: the envirment, Peace,
intentional communities, AIDS, etc.
If you have any questions please get in touch with me at:
Also please pass this request on!!!
Thanks in advance for all your time and information!!!!!!!
Chicken of the HI-HO Tribe

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