European Peace Pilgrimage

D. J. Dullemond ((no email))
Tue, 24 Mar 1992 19:30:05 -0800 (PST)

On Monday March 9 the members of the European Peace Pilgrimage
held a vigil at the Jacksongate of the Savannah River Site. They
planted a tree as a positive contribution to save and heal the

During the last days we walked along Hwy 278 and walked through
the following towns: Thomson, Warrenton, Deserted House, Union
Point, Greensboro (Athens), Madison, Rutledge, Conyers.

On Monday 16 we had a very good reception at Athens, some 30
miles of the original route we were shuttled there. The city of
Athens offered the Pilgrims a proclamation in which they
basically agreed with the pilgrims.

Fr the following days (20-25 march) the Pilgrims will be walking
in the Atlanta area. Basically the pilgrims will follow the Hwy
278/12 (Covington Hwy), Mc Lendon, Euclid, Edgwood Ave, Auburn
Ave., Techwood dr, Northside Dr (Hwy 41) upto Paces Ferry Rd.

March 23 The Pilgrims will be at the King Center and perform a
small remeberance service

March 24 The Pilgrims will be at Kenesaw battlefield memorial
where they will offer a prayer especially for the Native American
victims of the civil war.

March 25 The Pilgrims will be at Etowa Mounds.

If you want to join us for sometime, you are welcome.

Join us and all the other walks that will finish at the Nevada
test Site in the week before 12 October! Help your self and us to
heal the Earth.

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