Re: Water's hello

Marian Rose (
Mon, 16 Mar 1992 20:23:36 -0800 (PST)

Greetings Petros
Sorry, this is not really Water's personal sign in. He was up visiting
myself and Clearwater. However, we have at least weekly mail and phone
contact with him and can forward messages to him that come over the net to
us. We're doing the Cumberland Regional mailing list and Howdy folks this year
so any questions, answers, additions and howdys for Cumberland stuff can
be sent over the net to my mailbox <> or <>
if anyone wants to. We also have a PO box for non-byte mail: Cumberland
PO Box 901
Lexington, KY 40587
We'll keep the conference up to date on Cumberland regional happenings.
We Love You, Peace, Marcy and Clearwater

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