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Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 22 Mar 1992 10:59:45 -0800 (PST)

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Howdy, Brian!
Welcome Home!

YOu can still get into the Summer edition of the Rainbow Guide!
Send a post card and some green energy (donation!) to
The Rainbow Guide
PO Box 3213
Madison, WI 53704

With your Name(Any and all)
Contact Info, Skills, wishes, Dreams, visions, etc!

See you inColorado, and try to make it to the Wisconisin/GreatLakes
gathering may 30- jun 7th!

Petros (Virtual-infomaniac!)
PS. You know your regional focalizers, right?
Gonzo is online here at (that's Peacenet).

Topic 202 Greetings to all!
mmitchell awf.rainbownews 6:21 pm Mar 17, 1992

Howdy folks! My name is Brian and I'm from Ann Arbor, MI
I've been reading awf.rainbownews for a while and am now
finally getting around to saying hello. Is it too late
to get in entries for the 1992 Rainbow guide? Can I e-mail
info someplace or do I have to do it by snailmail? If someone
wants to send a message to me personally, please send it
to: Brian G., as I am using a
professor's account (by permission) to access Peacenet. I love
you all and am looking forward to Colorado. -Brian

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