Marian Rose (
Thu, 19 Mar 1992 11:00:39 -0800 (PST)

Howdy folks!
Just wanted to confirm our earlier message and make sure that the word is
getting out. After a council held in February it was consensed that we would
change the dates of this year's Cumberland Regional Gathering to MAY 9 THRU
MAY 17.
Unfortunately, this consensus was reached after word was put out in HO!
and other Rainbow info sources that the gathering would be in April in the Red
River Gorge region of Kentucky. We are concerned that some of our brothers and
sisters may be arriving very early to the spring gathering and find themselves
in the wrong time and place.
As well as the date changes, the site for the gathering will NOT be in Red
River Gorge but rather south of Somerset, KY. The exact location will be
announced on the Net and in a mailing through a Howdy Folks coming out at the
beginning of April. Please help spread the word about these changes. Also
we are happy to hear that the ride has begun in Colorado.
We Love You.

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