Re: Great Lakes/WISC Spring Cou
23 Mar 1992 07:13:08

Hello from Iowa City - the Mecca of the rural midwest and stopping off spot
point on I-80. We are between Chicago and Omaha, St. Louis and Minneapolis.
Call or write in advance if you can, but come see us. Iowa City has a free
medical clinic, free lunch program, and many places to crash. There's more
Family here than you might think. We also have a crisis center that hands
out food and will fill your tank with gas. You can call me at (319) 354-6913.
I'd like to offer my services to Family. I am interested in archiving
Family history. I have an exhibit already that I am able to travel with. It
was a multi-media project I did at the University of Iowa about the Family.
I am also interested in networking and email. I am involved in the area of
civil liberties and access and dissemination of information and networks. If
you have any facts to tell me about surveillance, others who are also involved
in this area, or are interested too, contact me. I just quit the library and
info science grad program at the University here. They didn
t want me due to my radical approach and inappropriate questions and comments, I
guess, not to mention my biker-hippie-metalhead appearance. Oh well, now I'm
free to pursue reality. Contact me and keep me busy. Zygamus, are you out there? I've heard I should be in touch with you.
Anybody and everybody contact me. I'm ready to get involved. I have search-
ing skills for information seeking on any subject and some access to online
databases. You should see the info I got on Bush's oil company he founded.
The man is into a multi-trillion dollar, highly diversified company!
So stop by when on the road, write, call, send me email. Personal interest
areas are: my three kids who are very alternative lifestyle, guys with gumption
but no need for mind altering substances, Harleys, hammered dulcimer, infomaniacs, others who are into small cottage industries (I freelance for mags, rdo pr for
local bands and events, advocate for the homeless,teach yoga, and fo strees mgmt. programs.(Damned typos) ....Namaste. At your service,
Beej Matson P.O. Box 1231, Iowa City, Iowa 52245.

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