29 Mar 1992 19:46:03

Welcome HOME!!!!!
not quite the same but it is the best I can do.
I would like to introduce my self. I am
Chicken and well where do I start. I am basicaly region 16 meaning that I do not necesary
live anyone one place but do have a mailing address (not sure if that excludes me from 16 but I want to be 16 so I am)
well I travel around from time to time finding a place to log in and answer mail and
such. I have a fair amount of experince with computers I am aslo interested in
intentional communites and hope to visit some as a travel.
what else I am very involed in/struggling with issue ralated
to the pro-feminist men's movement (I am interested in having brother
circles at gathering to talk about with men about stuff (for I feel male
bonding in the pro-femistist sence is very important))
I also am involed in Feminish (by the way I will be in D.C. on sunday
if anyone will be their or needs a place to stay (can't make garunties right now but drop
me a note and I will c let me know)
I look at my traveling time as a long Cumlechka (Vision Quest) and look forward from
hereing from people who has similar interestes or would just likje to talk. but the way for
the next few weeks I will be able to check my mail every few days or more offten.
Their is a lot more to tell but that should give you a little background.
Oh. by the way in turms of future plans-
starting a commune is one of my goal this may be soon (in the next few month or several
years off).
I Love You!

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