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Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 10 May 1992 16:50:44 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy Folks!
This is Peter (Petros), cyberspace focalizer, for about 5 years now on the
PeaceNet group 'awf.rainbownews'. I'm really happy to see the genesis of this
group, which, if I had tried to do it, would have been hindered and blocked in
the Focalizer/All Ways Free councils because of the name!

There has always been an irrational problem (in my view) with having the words
"Rainbow" or "Rainbow Gathering" in any context except that of the consensii of
the Rainbow Family Tribal Council, which meets July 1-7 every year. While I
appreciate the concern, it is plainly obvious that we are going to call a
descriptive newsgroup by the most descriptive name! In any case, I block
anybody changing the name of this group! :-)))

OK, Here's the Most up to date scoop that I've got!

Cumberland Rainbow Family of Living Light
Bio-Regional Gathering of the Tribes
Prayer for World Peace
Daniel Boone National Forest -- May 9-17 1992
(Info -- 502 484 3004)

" Howdy Folks,
We are happy to invite you to the 4th Annual Cumberland Family Gathering.
Come and be part of the vision as we create a new reality of Peace.
Bring your Love and your Heartsongs and together we will experience the Joy and
Wonder of the Rainbow. We Love You....
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin "
(There are no written directions, only a small map, so take the following with
a large grain of salt! -- Petros)
At Greenwood, KY, on rt. 27 (south of Burnside and Somerset), turn west onto
ForestService Rd. 859. Watch for Rainbow signs....

Hope this isn't too late for you, Mike!


PS. Please mail me direectly with questions. I don't always see the groups
right away!
( /

mjs alt.gathering.rainbow 7:30 pm May 5, 1992
(at (From News system)

I am still looking for directions to the Cumberland Gathering next
week. Does anybody out there have directions they can share with me?



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