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stephen g. wadlow (
Sun, 10 May 1992 16:50:44 -0700 (PDT)

Reply-To: strata@FENCHURCH.MIT.EDU
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 18:52:17 EST
From: "M. Strata Rose" <strata@FENCHURCH.MIT.EDU>

Well, one good start would be to have regular gatherings-- twice a year,
maybe quarterly. Some could be piggybacked onto other gatherings-- a
Technomads camp at the Rainbow Tribes gatherings, Technomads BOF at Usenix
and InterOp, Technomads Party at the various WorldCons and WesterCons and
so on. Anyone know what ever happened to the idea of the "Telecom
Trappers REndezvous"? I saw a proposal posted on the WELL over 2
years ago and think I would have heard about it by now if it had happened.

I like the idea, though I think a technonamds camp at a rainbow
gathering would be a bad idea and in poor taste. Many people (myself
included) go to those things to get away from modern, hi-tech
lifestyles.) A Usenix BOF would be a great start.

On the topic of blimps, I had been thinking a few months ago that it
might be amusing to run a small company that rented out single or
doubler person dirigibles off in the desert somewhere, a la hot air
balloons. A dirigible large enough to hold 1-2 people shouldn't be
too big a deal to fabricate. It was an amusing thought at the time,
and I really liked the concept of being able to rent a dirigible and
cruise around in the desert for an afternoon. Cost and lack of
motivation was my downfall....


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