Midwest Gathering Update

Pat O'Brien (naturist@igc.apc.org)
Mon, 04 May 1992 16:02:04 -0700 (PDT)

To Whomever:

George Siemon met May 4 with Vernon County (WI) Sherrif Jeff
Banta regarding the upcoming Midwest Regional Gathering to be
held on U.S. Corps of Engineers property near La Farge.
Banta was extremely concerned at start of discussion because
the Rainbow function follows by one week Weedstock. That will be
in same area and Banta expressed concerns that Rainbow activity
would be a drug supermarket.
George told him that cash transactions of all types are
discouraged at Rainbow Gatherings and that drug sales are not
condoned at all, which the sheriff liked hearing.
He then said much was up to the Corps, which could reject
Rainbow's wanting to use the land, the so-called Kickapoo
Impoundment, some 23,000 acres of hilly river country in the
southwestern part of the state.
Banta said if Corps said no to the request, then he would
have to stop entry into the area, with roadblocks if necessary.
George repeatedly told him there was no way to stop it and that
participants would just park and walk into the site.
Banta then requested information from George that any of may
be able to help with. Banta wants to hear first-hand from law
enforcement types who have had good experiences with Rainbow
Gatherings in the past so he knows what he's up against.
Banta will call your favorite lawman if you call him and
give him a name; in Viroqua, Wisc., he can be reached at 608-637-
Next step is meeting with local and supervisory Corps
officials, Rainbows and sheriff Friday at 9 a.m. in sheriff's

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