Wed, 6 May 92 10:52:55 CDT

Hi Peter:

FYI, it's alt.gathering.rainbow, (not alt.rainbow.gathering) on usenet,
and it's already thriving (with lots of curious newcomers). I took the liberty

of posting wanderer's note with the Boulder number etc., also some other
tidbits I'd saved from the peacenet conference that gets forwarded to me
via mailing list. Thanks for your efforts that bring that stuff to me --
nice to have it mixed in the usual email of busted software complaints :-).

It would be nice to get some formal cross-posting set up, but I don't
know much about this, and in any case must leave this job (and the net :-( )
(to go to rainbow & beyond... :-) ) soon (5/15).

Anyway, post this onfo, if it's not already known. Hope to meet you
in CO (Probably popping corn at the Palace, or helping Scruffy or at
lovin ovens, or...)

Happy Trails,
Dave's Not Here

David L. King <>
University of Texas System
Center for High Performance Computing

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