Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!!!

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Sat, 23 May 1992 20:57:03 -0700 (PDT)

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!!!
Well, it looks like home to me!

I am really overjoyed to see this alt.gathering* group get off the ground!

Answering a few questions here that I've seen over the last few days....

1. There is an archive started at igc.org. That is PeaceNet. I'm working on
getting anonymous ftp for the archive. (PeaceNet is a subscription service)

2. Don't blame me, I just work here....

3. "Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin" is Lakota for "Ho! All my Relations!"
This is in the context of
"Thanks, GrandMothers,
Thanks, GrandFathers,
Thanks, Earth People (Rocks, Mountains, Rivers)
Thanks, Plant People (Trees, Herbs, Fungus*),
Thanks, Winged and Four-footed People, Insect People, Microbial People,
Thanks, Human People, my Family,
Thanks to all of You, All my Relations!
For Bringing me In, for Supporting me, for Gifting Me, for Receiving my Gifts.
Thanks to You, Infinite Spirits of the Infinite Directions,
for Leading our Hearts to this Circle today.
Thanks to You Star Goddess, for watching over us
and sending us the Signs that help us keep on the Rainbow Trail!"

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!

(* Actually, I believe the Fungus people are now considered a separate Kingdom,
distinct from the Plant Kingdom)

4. If you have specific questions that need answers quick, feel free to mail me
directly, as I don't check the group every day... that's "pfraterdeus@igc.org".

Love you all!

Oh, Yeah, I've got some wonderful stuff from our Family in Mexico.
When I get it transcribed, I'll get it up here.
Til then, just this....
We hope to hold a regional gathering for about 2-3 weeks either on the Pacific
coast-- the state of Oaxaca, very likely -- or in the Gulf Coast, probably in
the South apart of the State of Veracruz. We hope to inform you where exactly
in Colorado. It will be in Dec. 12 - Jan.5th.

Rodolfo Rosa Escobar
Rainbow Family Focalizer
Nadadores 67-A
Col. Country Club Churubusco
04220 Coyoac'an M'exico 21, D.F. (read accent over following letter)
Tel: 549-2234

Should be great, eh!

Love to all,
Peter (Petros)

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge" -- Albert Einstein
"Unity is plural and at minimum, two" -- R. Buckminster Fuller

PS. For the time being all of my posts will be sent explicitly to both the
awf.rainbownews conference on PeaceNet, and to alt.gathering.rainbow.
Once we get a pipe, one way or the other, this will not be neccesary.

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