Rumor Control RE- Zeus Cosm

Peter Fraterdeus (
Mon, 25 May 1992 20:27:07 -0700 (PDT)

Rumor Control RE: Zeus Cosmos
The following is my own opinion, not the consensus of any council. However, I
am consolidating the reports and concerns of many who have counciled with me
over the past 18-24 months regarding the Info/Rumor situation. I stand by what
I say.

Great Spirit, keep my heart true, may I now speak the truth.

Contrary to anything that our dear well loved brother Zeus Cosmos may say,
there is absolutely NO TRUTH in his report that there will be any THANKSGIVING
COUNCIL in GEORGIA!!!! Or anywhere else!!! Not until it is decided in Colorado
at the Rainbow Family Tribal Council! That ONLY MEETS July 1-7, in Colorado
this Year!!!!

Nor will there be any other gatherings just because Zeus starts a rumor.

Please note that Zeus Cosmos has his OWN AGENDA. His agenda is rumor and
confusion. It is contrary-ism. It attracts contraries, as well, who though they
are in our Tribe, are not of it. The Contraries are a tribe of their own, which
has other truths, and other lessons.

This agenda IS NOT IN THE INTEREST of We, the People, we, our Family.

He has come up with a way to be in the spotlight, which is where his ego
desires to be.
The way is to create scenarios out of "whole cloth", and then try to convince
people that there is a movement in that direction. This is how the South Dakota
gathering evolved.... (While I have great respect for some of the folks now
involved therein, I still can't respect the way it happened.) This devisive and
coercive intent can bring all of us closer to great harm in the long and short
of it!


Be Careful with your Messages. Don't spread thought disease. Wash your hands of
rumor and half-truth before working in the Kitchen of Communication! (A lesson
learned by hard experience!)

Please leave a message for Peter at, if you hear anything
from or about Zeus Cosmos.
My Mail address is Peter Fraterdeus, PO Box 5448, Evanston, IL 60204

Love and Light! Thanks, Great Spirit for our Contraries, they sure help us
learn to sift truth from fantasy!


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