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>So you missed the point as well. I don't give a damn about their anal-
>retentive practices; that would be hopefully assumed. My gripe is: you
>get a bunch of people hanging out in one spot for any duration of time
>and there will be some vegetative devastation to the area. I'm not
>talking garbage, I'm talking stomped down growth, soil erosion, and
>every Rites of Spring Passage must include a fire!
>Let's get away from using "Rainbow gatherings" as an example. A year
>ago I ran into a "men's group" camping along the Eel River. I don't
>know why it's so important to include drums in their outdoor experience,
>since any wild thing that might remind them of their archetypal behavior
>isn't going to come anywhere near to a bunch of maniacal drum beaters.
Ah! Its nice to hear from someone as big an antisocial grouch as
me. In the backcountry I define an "insane mod" as 4 or more; a
"crowd" as 2 or 3; and "marginally acceptable group size" as 1. I
have to tolerate being part of a "crowd" because I married the
other half of it!

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