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>Things were being separated for recycling and articles that could be re-used
>were being distributed amoung the crew or packaged and shipped to charities.

So you missed the point as well. I don't give a damn about their anal-
retentive practices; that would be hopefully assumed. My gripe is: you
get a bunch of people hanging out in one spot for any duration of time
and there will be some vegetative devastation to the area. I'm not
talking garbage, I'm talking stomped down growth, soil erosion, and
every Rites of Spring Passage must include a fire!

Ok. Fire rings are usually broken up completely. The rocks used are
scattered, the hole filled in, the ashes (a good fertilizer) is spread
around carefully. Trails are dug up to promote oxygen getting back
into the roots. Trees, bushes and other plants are transplanted.
Breaking up the visual continuetly of a trail can make it dissappear.
Erosion can be taken care of by careful rearrangment of logs and
rocks. I worked for years for the Park Service as a Trail maintainance
supervisor and I was *very* impressed by the cleanup of my first
gathering, which was in my state that year.

If you want to clean up a real mess, try anytime after the forth of
july or labour day. Does this mean that all these people are slobs and
drunks ?

- rob -

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