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Unlike JB's complaints, my beef is: you herd a group of Rainbow
folks to a pristine spot (and in our case, one with hot springs) and
you let them graze for what I thought was a weekend (14 days?), what
do you think their consequence will be to the land that they dance
and frolic on? Trashed? We ain't talking litter, we're talking flora.

> Most Rainbows are
>*much* more land concious than the average backpacker. I find most of
>the shelters/camping on the AT a flithy mess. based on this I could
>conlude that all backpackers have no sense of sanitation.

You mean they're not backpackers? They have to hike in 13 miles to get
the hot spring at Big Sur. Nice fallacious conclusion Rob; you might
want to think about your use of the words "most" and "all".

To the best of my knowledge (which isn't saying much) there has never
been a gathering at Big Sur Hot Springs. There is an unfortunate
tendency to confuse people of the "rainbow family type" (I'm not even
going to try to describe this) with the rainbow gatherings. I'm
speaking *only* of the national gatherings.

- rob -

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