Focalizer's Quarterly Nov 9

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 08 Nov 1992 21:09:19 -0800 (PST)

Focalizer's Quarterly Nov 92 needs Green_
Hey, if you don't like to see numbers, stop reading here!

Howdy folks!

The November FQM & Pot o' Gold will be sent out this week from Chicago

Due to last minute updates of info, we are too late to do a wide area
distributed mailing (sending masters to some of you...)

Therefore, the entire green energy burden of this mailing will fall to me.

While I'm fortunate enough that this won't affect my ability to pay my rent,
too much, it's definitely more than I am comfortable putting out. The entire
combined banks of the FQM and the Pot o Gold is about $140.

Printing will run about $120.00 (for 500x)
Postage will be about 250 x .52 = $130.00
Overseas postage will be about $30.00
Return postage for the Focalizer
mailing update will be .19x250 = $47.50
Estimated Total $327.50 (approximately)
Total Bank $140.00

Needed to cover ($187.50)

If every focalizer would send a single dollar to the Focalizer bank, this would
be covered, no problem.

Focalizers Council Bank,
c/o Mark McCracken
3015 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

or directly to
Pot o' Gold
PO Box 5448
Evanston, IL 60204)

But since most won't, I hope that some folks will see fit to send $10 or
$15..... (sorry for the pragmatic pitch!)

I have donated substantial resources to these important communications media,
and will be committing more to get it done and out to the family.

I appreciate anything that you all can do to help out!

Thanks, beautiful folks!

Peter (708 328 2733 no collect/ after 8 pm central time)

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