Re: Rainbow Gathering and Naturism
13 Nov 1992 09:42:52

Figured I'd cross post this from a discussion on rec.backcountry.

- rob -

In article <38715@hoptoad.uucp> Rob Savoye, writes:
> There are Regional gatherings that are loosely connected with the
>nat'l ones. These I can't vouch for. I imagine they vary considerably
>as to the degree they can clean up.

Like I said, I respect their choice of lifestyle, although it would not
be my choice. However, the trademark trenching of the Rainbow groups
make for a pretty good "signature" that they have used a particular spot,
and in the situations I have seen (and let's admit that these are
particular instances of perhaps a particular group), these trenches have
been left open. This is destructive and unsanitary. In the same places
the debris has been considerable. From the extent of the trashing, it
has obviously been caused by a large group of people.

Now, to appease you and in all fairness' sake, I will admit that other
groups could be using this same technique. So we can say: we have had
differing experiences with loosely the same group. OK?
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