Michigan Fall Council Minutes

Stephen R. Johgart (sjohgart@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 26 Nov 1992 06:30:04 -0800 (PST)

Freeform minutes of the Autumn Council Kalamazoo Michigan November 14-15

Much discussion of when/whether/how to heal/deal with "dysfunctional"
Rainbows (i.e. violent, confrontational, con artists, etc.). No formal
proposals came out of the discussion, but one general theme which came out
of the discussion was that it is basically Rainbow snobbishness to bitch
about "them" unless we are willing to go deal with them, for example by
going out and doing a shift at front gate, bringing a different energy

Some comments and suggestions from various folks relating to the above:

Maintain a positive point of view, i.e. "We want more of this", not "We
don't want that".

Deal with A-Camp by manning the front gate (or wherever they are) and having
a large number of people ask for a cup of beer--not enough to get
buzzed--thus spreading the alcohol so thin that the expense of keeping
alcohol available becomes prohibitive.

No one represents any of us as individuals.

We don't want to be "fenced in" by A-Camp, etc., as a barrier folks must get

We need A-Camp, contraries, egotists, etc.--we need to learn tolerance.

But, don't like co-dependence. Refusing to acknowledge problems interferes
with cooperation & synergy, and doesn't help solve problems.

Tolerating people differs from tolerating behaviors.

Fringe people come to Rainbow because they are accepted--but we need to act
on our own visions.

Banking council was discussed. If a bank ever is manifested, some needs:
Howdy Folks mailing Pot 'O Gold Bus for the Winter Regional (C.A.L.M.
Central) Kitchen needs Griddle Pot lids Good grate Storable bulk foods
Calendar/Regional mailings

Benefits: Benefits throughout the region on the same day; promote "attend
thy local Rainbow benefit" day.

Letter drafted to Thanksgiving Council:
"Howdy! from the Kalamazoo Autumn Council to Rainbow Family at Thanksgiving.

We have discussed our visions for the 1993 Gathering, and would like to
offer our consensus: we envision Kentucky as the place to Gather. We of
course recognize that there will be other visions as well; we hope you all
will take ours into the council process. We are in close enough proximity
to Kentucky to offer our involvement in bringing this vision into the
world; if Kentucky is where the Family vision goes as well, we ask that we
be called upon if there is service we can provide.

We send our love, and our energy is with you wherever the Spirit directs.

--Racchimuskillingum, Connie, Gonzo, Swooping Heron, Petros, Tony, Bruce,
and the kids: Chloe, Jason, Abra"

Discussion of the Valentines Day Love-In Camp-Out Regional Gathering,
February 11-14, 1993, at Nordhouse Dunes north of Ludington, Michigan:

Is the meadow a drift zone?

Need to get the bus going
--To use for C.A.L.M.Central and carry teepee poles
--Needs work and volunteers to do work
--Need heater (when parked)

--Cut in advance, perhaps December?
--Plan to have crosscut saw (and many other cutting tools) at regional

--Takes a lot of snow
--Big pots needed

--We need 'em
--How to get them in (toboggan through pines?)
--How to set up in deep snow

Rap 107 Below Zero
--Emphasize it is dangerous to be underprepared
--Plenty of cold-weather gear (list?)
--Insulating sleeping pads
--The usual Rainbow stuff
--NO alcohol--dangerous in frigid weather
--Toboggans and slidy things
--Corrugated cardboard (lots, for ground
--Wool items (stay warm when wet)

Howdy Folks
--include RSVP so there is some indication of what is being brought

--Heating (or un-colding)
--Seat for
--Note: A suggestion has subsequently been made to hang a lantern at the
edge of the woods--serves double duty as light to get to the latrine and as
while there (and as sort of an "in use" sign).

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