Everybodies Farm in Gainsville Flor

06 Dec 1992 15:06:11

Markus, Chicken, or anyone that might assist...

Sprite here, hey family, I am trying to get an address and hopefully a
telephone number at Everybodies Farm (formerly called Echo's Farm) in
Gainsville Florida. After fighting a case of itchy feet for
over six months now; stressing from hell over a babylonian lifestyle.
here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, my friend and I will be hitting the road
in Janurary. So..... I am wanting to connect with Everybodies Kitchen again
for the Ocala Regional this spring. Any information, on the where abouts of the
kitchen, the address and number to the farm, and infomation about seed camp
for the gathering in February would be MOST appreciated. Have happy holidays...
Peace Love and Rainbows

Sprite and Jennifer

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