Focs Quarterly Mailing Soon

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sun, 11 Oct 1992 11:06:22 -0700 (PDT)

Focs Quarterly Mailing Soon
We are almost ready to produce the Focalizers Quarterly Mailing (FQM) (once we
get a firm site for Thanksgiving Council), and will send Masters to as many
folks as will help Reproduce and Mail it.

If 5 or 6 Net Rainbows could send out 35-40 pieces each, that would cover us, I
think. You would need to do copying (probably 4 double sided legal-size sheets)
and postage, probably .52 cents a piece.

I have received a check from Mark McCracken for the entire amount in the
Focalizer's Council Bank - $82.69, which will be used to print and buy postage
for pre-stamped postcards to be sent out to the entire Focalizer List, in order
to make sure that everybody on the list wants to be on it. I will produce 250
of these and include a bunch with each master copy of the FQM that we send out.

As I understood the consensus of the Focs Council in Colorado this July, the
cards that are returned from this mailing will be used to produce the current
list of focalizers for the Guide and the FQM.

However, it should be made clear that there is no "Official" list of
Focalizers. Neither the Rainbow Guide, nor the FQM lists are "authorized" by
the Rainbow Family Tribal Council, except as independent co-operative councils
of volunteers who desire to serve their Rainbow sisters and brothers in this

This listing is for those people who act as information distributors, hanging
posters, doing mailings and so forth, that want to be included in Focalizer
Mailings, and listed in the Guide as Focalizers.

There will be an explanation of the Focs Council, and the FQM, and a request
for donations to the Focalizer Council Bank, and the FQM, included in the
upcoming Mailing.

Also, some reports from a couple of sites regarding persons creating havock and
harassment at gatherings.

We have a preliminary Statement, consensed at Colorado Foc. Council, regarding
what can be called a Rainbow Gathering. Since there are a number of individuals
moving about the country sending out "Howdy Folks" for gatherings that have not
been consensed by councils in the region, this is an important question to

Please remind me if there's anything else that should be included...


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