Nordhouse Winter Scout Report

Stephen R. Johgart (
Sat, 17 Oct 1992 04:54:01 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings and salutations!

Here's the scoop on the scouting for the Valentine's Day Regional Love-In at
Nordhouse Dunes, Michigan. Doug and I got out to the dunes about midnight
October 9--we got to the end of Nurnberg Road at Rainbow 11:00 A.M. on the
10th, and were concerned to find no one else there, since 3 are needed for a
council. Ah, but never fear! We enjoyed the fall colors for a while, and up
drove Racchimuskillingum. Now we were prepared for a hard day of scouting!
Off we went, up the trail. About 5 minutes later we looked down a little
trail descending the hill. "Let's check it out!" offered Doug. At the bottom
of the hill we found a beautiful small meadow with a pine woods on the south
and southeast, the wooded dune sheltering the west, a hardwood forest the
rest of the way around, and several brilliant orange and crimson maples
populating it.

"I don't know why they say scouting is so hard", said I.

We did hike the wilderness the rest of the day, and had a great time doing
so, but we didn't come close to finding a site as good as our little meadow.
So, we have a site. It is quite close to the parking lot, but our feeling is
that for the inaugural winter regional gathering that is a good idea--it
will give us a chance to focus on other things than how we are to get stuff
packed in.

That night bill-i and his son showed up, and Connie a little later. We
stayed in the campground and drummed all night.

The next day we went back to the site and dug a fine latrine, covered it
with wood to keep it from filling with snow, discussed keeping it warm and
dry...lookin' good!

On our way out we stopped at the little country store and asked if Nurnberg
Road is plowed. When the storekeeper heard we were planning to camp in the
winter, he was taken aback, asking if we knew how much snow they get in the
winter. We said we were glad to hear it is a lot; he said that by February
there should be plenty of base. Oh, and that the road is plowed; a schoolbus
has to get down it.

Our next step is making sure there are at least a couple of teepees
committed, and getting the word out that the regional will be happening
February 11-14. Also we would like to have some cold-weather CALM advice,
or, better, equipment and someone who has CALM experience. If you have
anything to offer, or know anyone with anything to offer, or anything,
please contact us so we know what to expect a bit better. We are totally
hyped; this has the potential to be a really fine, intimate event which
really brings out the cooperative spirit of Rainbow. Hope to see some of
you! Love, and lots of it...


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