Re: Studying Rainbow Gatherings
30 Oct 1992 15:34:59

In article <> Peter Fraterdeus <> writes:
>Hey, sacred grove!
>Welcome to Rainbowland!

Well, actually (as you can see above) my name is Al or people call me
Grendel in the pagan community and on some bulletin boards (like my own).

>I knew you in alt.magick, but haven't had the time to filter all the BS
> that began to come through there!
>Hope you'll let us know how your work proceeds!

If I get the work. I have to finish my BA and then find a school to go to
for Graduate work and then determine my Thesis (not all in that order
necessarily). Studying the Rainbow Nation would be interesting but I don't
know if I could be away from my computer for that long! =)

I hear that you people have a need for better long range communication
(through radio and such) but then many of you have a great dislike for
technology. Sort of presents a problem.


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