Re: 1993: the Ultimate Rumor Gathering
01 Sep 1992 21:21:42

Wing please replay to my address and I will let Steve read it.

wing,this is tallahassee steve writing to you on one of these new-fangled
machines from the university of oregon in eugene. these machines are a real
trip. oh what fun we are having. could you please send more info to me about
the piedmont gathering, ie dates and places. i plan to be at thanksgiving
council to begin to plan the 1993 continental gathering. i also would like
to not host a "feast" on this day, which seems to be part of celebrating the
beginning of genocide against the native indian population. this might be a
good day to begin to re-establish a focus as to why we are gathering in the
first place. we could share a festive meal together while we are counciling,
which focuses on the offering of thanks and praises to the Great Spirit,with-
out participating in a ritual that most of us do not agree with its focus.
this, i feel, would be a good new beginning of a focus that gives more than
lip service to a gathering of the tribes for peace and healing. in order to
have a july 1993 gathering and peace meditation which is focused on living
together in peace and harmony, on healing,
and on establishing a commmunity of our many and varing tribes a major amount
of work is in store for us. i personally am quite excited and have only the
highest of hopes and prayers for the positive focused and committed energy that
we will need, and i know that such energy will manifest itself as the time and
need arise. i also am gratful for whatever help any of our brothers and sisters
can lend to us, the various regional families, the national family, and especially the experience of our "road dog family". i suggest talking to badjer about
some potential sites, he might know of somrthing better than a barrier island ora swamp. tell sparky eddie that he does also. what about regional gatherings n
the northwest or northern caifornia during september or october, or sime
contact numbers about such? any news about the florida gathering this time
around. we should scout somewhere other than in ocala, especially try the
appalachicoa. love, tallahassee steve



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