Re: FIDO or Free?
04 Sep 1992 17:37:27

One very low cost public access site is
which serves both the SF bay area and the LA area.

Another site is the umcc (University of Michigan Computer Club), in Ann Arbor - available to anyone in MI at a very low ($7/mo) rate
via a local michnet number.

An excellent resource for public access sites is PDIAL. The
following information is an extract from that publication:

Subject: How to Get The PDIAL

USENET: The PDIAL list is posted regularly to alt.internet.access.wanted,
alt.bbs.lists, and ba.internet.

FTP: The PDIAL list is available via anonymous ftp from site
GVL.Unisys.COM [] in the directory ~/pub/pubnet/pdial.

EMAIL: To receive the most recently published PDIAL, send email with
the subject "Send PDIAL" to "". To subscribe to a
list which receives future editions as they are published, send email
with the subject "Subscribe PDIAL" to "". To
receive both the most recent and future editions, send both messages.

I am posting this as well as sending it email so that others will
have access to it as well.

Hope it helps.


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